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We're dedicated to revolutionizing access to financial news. Our mission is to make this critical information effortlessly accessible to everyone, from the tech-savvy youth to those less familiar with technology. By designing an innovative suite of tools, we harness the power of AI to analyze public sentiment and transform complex financial jargon into clear, understandable content.

Our platform is tailored for active investors in the U.S. market, simplifying the world of finance and enabling informed decision-making for all. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to serving communities often overlooked by traditional financial outlets. Join us in our journey to demystify financial news and ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, can navigate the financial landscape with ease and clarity.

who we are

Headshot of co-founder Marc Pacheco

marc pacheco

co-founder / partner

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Marc Pacheco, a 4th-year Business Administration student at UCI with a focus on accounting, has always been a step ahead. Fluent in Russian and with strong business proficiency in Chinese, Marc's global perspective uniquely positions him in the world of finance and accounting.

Currently honing his skills in audit and assurance at Deloitte, his passion for the financial world started early; he began investing at the young age of 12.

Driven by a desire to level the investment playing field, Marc founded Atoma Media to make investing more accessible and intuitive. He has a deep connection with emerging technologies, seeing them as game-changers in the finance sector.

In his downtime, you'll find Marc immersed in financial media, always on the lookout for trends and insights. At the heart of all his endeavors is a commitment to accessibility and user-friendliness, ensuring that everyone can navigate the complexities of the financial world with ease.

Headshot of co-founder Andre Nguyen

andre nguyen

co-founder / partner

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Andre Nguyen, the head of creative direction at Atoma Media, effortlessly merges business acumen with design innovation. Majoring in Business Administration at Irvine Valley College, Andre has always been attuned to the synergy between strategic business planning and evocative design.

His entrepreneurial spirit took root early on, leading to self-made businesses that not only generated significant revenue but also reinforced his belief that with the right mindset, profitability is achievable anywhere.

Beyond his role in shaping the company's visual identity, his broad spectrum of experiences spanning from e-commerce, design, marketing, and startup management serves as a testament to his adaptability and drive.

His collaborations with co-founder Marc, showcase his excitement for the intersection of technology and business. Embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Andre aims to revolutionize productivity and expand accessibility, underscoring Atoma Media's commitment to staying at the forefront of financial news.

Headshot of lead full-stack developer Timofey Obraztsov

timofey obraztsov

lead full-stack developer

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Timofey Obraztsov, a first-year student at UCI majoring in Computer Science, is Atoma Media's lead full-stack developer, a role he proudly carries with precision, thanks to his rich foundation in computer science spanning nearly a decade.

His proficiency isn't just limited to crafting innovative software designs; he's also dove deep into the realms of Web3 contracts, GenerativeAI, and has an understanding of both MongoDB and PostgreSQL. With a history of co-founding a real estate diligence automation start-up and generating notable revenues from crypto software, Timofey's entrepreneurial spirit is clearly present.

His current project, a transformative AI Copilot for the real estate industry, is set to revolutionize the way agents and investors assess property risks and compliance issues. His creations, such as an AI-powered Discord chatbot and a Twitter scraper business, further highlight his knack for innovation.

Whether it's collaborating on Swift and React Native apps or implementing LLM integrations, his multifaceted skill set ensures Aurora Media remains up to date on technological process.

Headshot of database engineer Daphne Shaw

daphne shaw

lead database engineer / designer

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Daphne Shaw, a junior at UCI majoring in Math with a minor in Psychology and Statistics, brings a unique blend of mathematical and analytical insight to her role as the lead database engineer and designer at Atoma Media. Her academic background represents a solid foundation for her intricate work with data.

Currently sharpening her analytical skills as a junior analyst at Innopiphany, Daphne has previously contributed to a significant research project with UCI's Institute of Transportation Studies, examining the environmental impacts of freight activity on air quality.
Her professional canvas is rich with data analytics and science, with a special knack for biostatistics.

Fluent in Python, R, SQL, and MATLAB, Daphne showcases her spirit of a lifelong learning. Her commitment to growth with personal ventures into mastering Alteryx and Tableau ensure that her skills remain on the edge of data visualization and analysis.

Her combination of technical expertise and continuous learning keeps Atoma Media at the forefront of data-driven decision-making.

shreya nakum

LLM specialist

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Shreya Nakum, in her first year of Computer Science, is the lead LLM engineer and developer at Atoma Media, where her work with language models is reshaping our approach to predictive analytics.

At her internship with Rapt.AI, Shreya harnessed the power of LLMs like BERT and nanoGPT to tackle complex prediction challenges, demonstrating an aptitude for AI and machine learning. Her creation of a QA model using Generative AI and a playful AI that composes rap songs showcases her versatility and creative application of technology.

In her research, Shreya has made significant progress, diving into astrophysics data analysis with COS-Halos datasets to extract the cosmic-ray coefficient for simulations, showcasing her skill with Python and Jupyter Notebooks. Her work allowed her to become the second author on a published research paper, featuring her final plot and reinforcing her scientist credentials.

Fluent in both Java and Python, Shreya's role at Atoma Media is pivotal. Her innovative spirit and proficiency in advanced programming languages ensure that our products not only serve their purpose but also lead the market in ingenuity and effectiveness.

Shreya's blend of academic rigor, research sharpness, and technical expertise makes her core to our team and a step forward in our technological endeavors.